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Review of College Papers Database and Writing Service

Overall Rating Overall rating: ★★★★★ 4.6 based on 23 reviews
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If you aren’t already familiar with the Wow Essays website, you should drop whatever you’re wasting your time on right now an go there immediately! This awesome essay database has thousands and thousands of papers available free for educational purposes. Examples of every imaginable assignment plus guides on how to write them – what more do you want?

However, this goody-goody Dr. Jekyll has a Mr. Hyde side. Educational tips and guides are all nice and well, but how about something more substantial? WowEssays is also a writing service, that is, they can custom-write a paper for you – for reasonable remuneration. On this side of WowEssays, which is less full of goodness but more full of practical usefulness for students, I will mostly focus my review.

What are Wow Essays Services is a huge database of essay samples that also has a decent blog going on about academic writing, rules, types of college papers, and other useful stuff. All this is available to anyone and doesn’t require any subscription or donation. They welcome, however, the papers you no longer need. You can add them to their collection, but again, this isn’t required. Those essays are searchable by topics, subjects, types of papers, keywords and tags – quite conveniently.

On top of that, they employ a team of professional academic writers who can write any paper on demand – from 1-page high school essay on dangers of smoking to a 100-pages Ph.D. dissertation or some obscure XX-century artist you’ve never heard about. Now you’re talking!

Wow Statement Essays, College Essays, Theses, and Everything

The scope of the services includes:

  • four academic levels: High School, College, University, and PhD
  • about 60 types of works
  • hundreds of topics
  • three levels of writers (Basic, Advanced, Top)

Of course, if you need something very specific and cannot find it in the dropdown menu, you can always choose “Other” and give all the details about it. That was the case with me because I needed a 5-minute screenplay for a Film Studies class – it’s a long story. Anyway, they did the script well, because they have specific writers for every task, creative included.

Is WowEssay Safe to Use?

This is a legit concern. When it comes to money transactions on the Internet, one cannot be too careful. This is what I managed to learn about the

  • They are reliable and won’t disappear into the sunset with your money. They depend on students coming back to them and recommending them, so they bend over backward to leave you happy with their services
  • For the aforementioned reasons, they are manic about confidentiality and protecting personal and financial data of their customers
  • It the extremely unlucky event of failing to deliver your paper on time they will refund you

That said, however, let’s mention one “but”. We are grown-ups here and I don’t need to remind you that you can get in trouble if your school learns that someone else wrote your essay instead of you. So be cool about it and make some effort to make the paper look like you did it yourself. Like, look inside, read it, look at the sources, rename the file before handing it in to include your actual name instead of Order #34567 – that sort of stuff.

Are WowEssays Prices Reasonable?

Given that every work is custom-written by a writer with a college degree, the prices are very tame. However, they vary wildly depending on a deadline, academic level, writer’s level (there are three) and any additional services you’ll choose to order (VIP service, SMS notifications, plagiarism report, etc.)

You get the lowest price per page ($10) for a high-school level paper, by basic writer, that is due 20 days after the order is placed. This, let’s be honest, doesn’t happen too often. According to the numerous testimonials on the website, most cases are urgent and most students in need are from college. So the price per page goes up to twofold if you need an essay for college ready next week. Still, reasonable, given the quality.

How to Get Wow Essay Coupon Code understands what every student desperately needs. They need savings. That is why they have loyalty and affiliate programs where you can have a cut from the price if you refer your friend to a service or will place orders repeatedly.

However, if you are sure that this is the only time ever you will need help with your college assignment (yeah, right), you can use a promo code for first-time customers: WEDOWOW. Enter this into a “promo code” bar before placing the order and you will get an 11% discount.

Total Rating

I would sum them up at 9 out of 10. I would have given them 10 if they didn’t ask for additional money in exchange for a plagiarism report. I think it’s only fair they should guarantee plagiarism-free papers, I don’t see why I should pay for the privilege of seeing the proof.

Otherwise, they are pretty good and I definitely recommend them to any student who seeks writing help.

Published Reviews

5 5 1
This service is just my salvation! Three years ago, I started ordering essays and term papers here, and everything was done on time, and there were no complaints about the content. Then they started to collect more minor works, and their performers did an excellent job. I advise everyone, you will get a quality paper!

5 5 1
I ordered a term paper here on international tourism. The work was done by the due date and wrote all very well. It is immediately apparent that the writer is knowledgeable in the topic. Reading the appointment was easy and exciting, and I prepared for the defense. Thanks to all the creators of the WowEssays website. If I have any more problems with my studies, I will apply here!

5 5 1
I thank the company's authors for the qualitatively completed essay on history. It meets all the requirements. The essay was performed in parts so that you could control the writing process. I want to say that I'm satisfied with the result, especially considering the low cost of the work. The submission was successful. For everyone looking for a reliable company that offers writing services for students, I recommend contacting this company! You will not regret your choice.

4 5 1
My experience with this service is positive. I ordered an essay on history in the fall, around the end of November, and handed it in on time. I got the highest possible grade for it, high originality. My next order was in early February. For half a month made and sent a finished essay (I chose the deadline of 2 weeks, so I dealt with it in time), but the subject of international economic relations—the result: maximum score, high originality. I think the company is trusted and it is safe to order the work, and not waste time on useless subjects on which there is not enough time.

5 5 1
I ordered an essay in April of this year on "The cost-effectiveness of implementing a customer service automation system (small business). I applied on the recommendation of a friend who is a regular customer of the company. I believe that the cost of the work is undervalued, considering what work was done by my performer! Therefore, I will gladly come back and recommend it to all my friends!

5 5 1
It is not the first time I have applied to this company. I started with essays. When it came time to write a course, I didn't even think about where to order it. I was right in my choice. The course was done on time. Almost all requirements are met. The first section needed to be corrected, but there were no problems. The author who wrote the coursework did so very quickly. And since the edits were made within the plan, we did not have to pay extra for it. I think I will also order my dissertation from this company. I think my feedback will help students make the right choice.

4 5 1
It's not the first time I have used this company. Almost all of my essays were written by writers from this company! My last order was to write an abstract. It was done quickly, and I was the first one in my group to pass it, and I already got an excellent grade. I am very grateful to my constant manager for his help and responsiveness and the authors for good work and such a help in school and life. Thanks to this company, I have free time for a part-time job.

5 5 1
I was satisfied with the work of the site - the essay was prepared quickly and accurately. Immediately I got feedback, agreed with the author about the price and deadlines, noted a few points on the specifics of work, which were subsequently taken into account. It took twenty-four hours, and the essay was ready. I can say that this is one of the best portals, which I turned to for writing academic papers.

5 5 1
I asked WowEssays for help in preparing a presentation for a conference. We discussed some details, and the company coped with the task in quite a short time. The presentation turned out to be spectacular by all criteria. I appreciate your cooperation!

5 5 1
Great company. Asked for help three times and it was always successful. All the work that was ordered on this site got high marks. The authors do an excellent job with the tasks assigned. Jobs are always given on time, the quality is excellent, written in such a way that you will not make a fake. The price tag for this work is more than adequate.

4 5 1
Thank you very much, a perfect site. More than once, I ordered a job here due to a lack of free time. Everything is done on time and quality, the prices are reasonable, the quality is excellent. When writing a thesis project, the author unconditionally participated in the revision and correction and patiently fulfilled my requests. Service on the five managers works quickly and courteously. 100% writing warranty, you can not fear that before turning in a paper or project, you will not be able to help. Thanks again for the help!

4 5 1
Thank you for the qualitatively written essay on economic theory. The teacher rated it at the highest mark. I liked the turnaround time. I didn't even expect that it would be done so quickly:) WowEssays will help you and get the work done in a short time!

4 5 1
In the spring, I ordered my master's work from this company. I carry out the work, especially it's the practical part, which interfered with work. Not to spite the management, I decided to delegate the master's work to professionals in the field. The supervisor received the piece in separate sections, and each of his comments was corrected in the shortest time possible. And they did not take money for this because, as I understand it, there is no money to correct the requirements, which I have identified. Not only that, I was written and a review of the work. I defended the project, so I advise all students.

5 5 1
When I had no time at all to write an essay on public administration, I decided for the first time that it was worthwhile to enlist the help of experts rather than rely on my efforts for once. Not once have I regretted it. The staff is indeed masters of their trade. They got the job done in the shortest amount of time. They constantly kept feedback with me, which minimized the number of inaccuracies in the subject of the work

5 5 1
Thanks a lot to the company that all my orders were always completed on time. I can not say that I am lazy and lazy to learn, but, some topics of work, I do not understand how to reveal how to please the teachers. It's easy to work with you. All your wants to send the manager and waiting in stipulated time your work!

5 5 1
I have always written all my papers by myself, but I did not calculate the strength and time with the last term paper. As a result, to save my energy and nerves, I decided to order a term paper at this service. Several friends and acquaintances have turned here and have always been pleasantly surprised and satisfied with the quality. Simple and masterpiece. I, too, have only positive impressions of the company's work. As a result, I received the work at precisely the agreed time. I am pleased that the performers used a lot of new sources when writing the work. I also ordered a few essays, and I am satisfied with the result :)

4 5 1
I want to express my gratitude for the responsible work of the company. I ordered a master's thesis on criminal law. I found it a pretty complicated subject, so I did not risk writing the work myself. The author, who dealt with my order, has taken into account all the requirements. The topic is fully disclosed, the thesis is unique.

5 5 1
I want to share my experience with this agency. I have been using their services for more than a year. I first tried it when it was necessary to pass the essay on philosophy, which I do not know. I also used the services of this company when I wrote a bachelor's thesis. Without their help, I would not have been able to find even the suitable literature. They wrote the paper according to all my requirements. I want to recommend to all those who are still studying!

5 5 1
I have turned to for help with writing papers many times. And always everything was fine, that's why I'm writing this review. The last time I asked for help because I needed a qualified term paper on land law. I din't have chances of doing it myself, so I decided it was better to spend the money but to get a quality product. I paid, and within a few days, I had the term paper on my computer. I like this agency's work style - no superfluous questions, all very businesslike, the prices are reasonable, and the performers are qualified. I advise everyone!

5 5 1
I was losing it with my capstone project. If I didn’t outsource the write-up I would’ve just lost my mind. Thanks to my amazing writer, I now have my diploma on the wall!

5 5 1
Good service, quality on par with others but prices are lower and the support is round-the-clock available. Loved them.

4 5 1
They’ve saved my bacon this term. Thumbs up and recommend.

4 5 1
I’ve chosen WowEssays because my friend has told me about them. Wasn’t disappointed and probably will use their services again.

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