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How To Remove An Inappropriate Review

People can leave any comment, either positive or negative, so that others will be able to see the full picture and make a reasonable decision to use some essay writing service or not. We do not take part in solving any possible arguments between people who comment.

If you consider some review inappropriate, you can use a Report button. We cannot guarantee a response, but we consider every comment and every suggestion. You can be sure your application will not be ignored.

If you disagree with some review on your essay writing service, you can use a comment form to get in touch with a customer. Negative reviews may harm your business, however, keeping the balance between good and bad comments, potential customers can assess your work objectively. Besides, reviews show how well you provide your services.

We check all reviews to make sure people provide objective and truthful information. If you would like to know what content may be removed, you can check the list down below.

  • Reviews aimed at advertising a service
  • Fake reviews aimed at raising or lowering the rating of a service
  • Reviews that has little or no informative value
  • Reviews that were repeated or copied from other websites
  • Reviews infringing copyright
  • Reviews written in all CAPS

As we cannot check all reviews right when they are published, some reviews can be removed automatically by our monitoring system. If you think your review was removed unreasonably, you should contact us as soon as possible.