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Writing Critique Paper on Psychology

Critique Paper on Psychology

Everything that has something to do with critique demands a critical analysis. As a student, you will have to write a critique paper on a book or an article. We are going to talk about writing one on psychology, however critique papers can be on different subjects.

What does psychology critique paper give? You get to know psychology better, you study different articles on research and at the same time learn how to carry out one yourself. That is you will see how other scholars do their research, how they analyze information and interpret results. And it is what you are going to do too.

What should you do?

Read Attentively

First and foremost, you have to read the material. And by read we mean study. Looking through won’t be much help. You should pay attention to details, otherwise you risk missing something important. So here is what we recommend you to do.

  • Read introduction

The beginning is very important as the author provides information on a subject matter of their article. Check whether a hypothesis is stated clearly and there is any background information from previous research.

  • Read methods

The reader has to know how the research is conducted. The section should provide information on methods and procedures the author is going to use to study the subject. Check whether these methods are suitable for the research of this very subject.

  • Read results

Here you can find any statistics on a subject, various data that help see the state of the subject after the research. Check whether the reader has all information needed to understand a situation described and make some analysis.

  • Read discussion

The section provides an author’s analysis of their own results. The thing about the latter is how the author interpret them, whether the analysis is reasonable, whether the research is complete and more research should be carried out. As you write a critique paper, you can agree or disagree with the author. Thus, you will have to explain your viewpoint with arguments.

Writing Paper

When you were reading an article, you made some notes, right? Now is the time to look them through and make a writing plan. Every article has a structure. Here is how you should structure your critique paper.

  • Introduction

It is clearly that you should introduce an article and its author. You should speak on a hypothesis and its importance, that is what value the research has.

  • Thesis statement

Every introduction ends with a thesis statement. It represents the main idea of your writing. The statement should be brief but concise so that the reader knows what it is about.

  • Summary

Now you have to outline the points, results, and discussion of the article in short. And don’t be to much about details. The reader should understand the situation in general. They don’t need to know everything from the article, just the most important.

  • Analysis

It is the main part of your paper where you should tell the reader what problems you may have had when studying the article. You may not agree with an author’s methods or interpretation of results, or even on information given. Perhaps you would like to have done it another way. And don’t forget to provide arguments. Otherwise, your critique paper will look like an unreasonable comment.

  • Conclusion

There is not much to say. You do understand what you should talk about here. You analyzed an article, and now you make your own conclusion.

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