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How to Become a Book Reviewer

Become a Book Reviewer

If you like to read books and share your impressions with others, you can become a book reviewer. Your interests and skills can be applied within such a kind of writing. And it may become not only your hobby, but even a career.

First of all, you have to read a lot of books. It’s obvious, but you must pay your attention to all new books, and be up to date about new promising authors. Along with books, we suggest you to read popular reviews. This will help you to get used to a writing style, and successful reviewers may inspire you to work more, and learn more.

You must be able to assess your own skills. If you’re going to write informative and deep reviews, you must be able to read fast, memorizing all necessary details, and understanding author’s point. Your style must be determined by level of your skills, so don’t try to do a job that seems to be too hard for you, even if you’re looking for instant fame (we suggest you not to consider book reviewing a way to get it, anyway).

Of course, you have to find a way to start. We suggest you to start from small reviews. However, even on this stage you can find a way to use your reviews, not just writing them for yourself. Start with retailer websites. Even though Amazon won’t help you build a reputation, it surely will be a perfect practice for you. You also can use these reviews further, applying for more serious jobs, so take this task seriously. If you don’t spend enough time and effort writing your first reviews, how will you develop your skills?

Start your blog. It’s the most simple an effective way to share your thoughts, and it may become your first step to more serious things. You have to improve the quality of your texts all the time. Most bloggers work alone, so there are no bosses or editors. Don’t let such an apparent simplicity of work fool you. You can use your blog posts further, as examples of your work. Many bloggers use their posts to apply for a job.

As soon as you will feel confident enough, contact various publishers, and offer reviewing. If a publisher will like your works, he will send you free books, and you may be the first person who read such a book. Along with such kinds of jobs that you can do for free, you must be able to earn some money. For example, you can use affiliate codes, and receive payments each time someone clicks links in your articles. However, we suggest you not to tell your readers about such things, it’s just your business.

If you already went through all the steps described above, it means that you’re already a book reviewer. If you want to build a career, you can find many websites, which pay a little money for the best reviews. You can contact various literary journals. Anyway, all these sources will need to see examples of your reviews, and don’t expect huge income from such a kind of activity. Even becoming a freelance reviewer for some literary journal, you will most likely work for free books, and little pay.

Obviously, such a job takes a lot of time to master your skills. You need to create a really impressive portfolio, and find necessary contacts, to move further. With time, you will develop your own, unique writing style, and specialize in a certain topic.

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