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How We Assess Essay Writing Services

In order to give as much objective an opinion as possible, we examine all aspects of an essay writing service to see what it can offer and whether it can be trusted. We have some major points we pay attention to most of all.


Before we start testing the work of a service, we pay attention to the website first. Today companies launch their website so that customers could find essential information they may need. And the way the website is built results in a customer’s behavior. That is, they won’t proceed to ordering if it is complicated and thus difficult to use.

If a company cares about their clients, it should provide them with the best. You cannot provide quality service and at the same time have a poorly developed website. No one will buy from you.

What It Provides

Here we talk about what exactly an essay writing service provides and how easily (or not) it can be obtained. Some companies overestimate their abilities and state some services that in fact they cannot provide.

How Much It Costs

Price must be the most important factor that influences a customer’s decision. It may be high because a writing service provides good quality work. However, it may not always be so. It is believed that low price equals low quality, but in fact, things can turn out the opposite way.

Sometimes low price can mean writers who do the job have low income because they are from developing countries. So be careful. Not all essay writing services are located in the US or the UK.

What Perks It Has

Any respected company wants to make a customer’s experience with its services better. Therefore, there have to be some bonuses for clients and discounts for newcomers. Otherwise, it would like like a company does not care about anyone at all.

What Deadlines Are There

When people order academic papers, they need them as soon as possible (or even right here right now). It is important to know how fast a service can cope with assignment—and if fast, what quality a customer may get.

What Quality They Provide

Speaking of quality, here we see whether the price a company sets for its services is justifying. In other words, whether a balance between price and quality is kept.


When everything is considered, we give our verdict on a service assessing from one to five (five is the highest grade). We do not cooperate with any writing service and try to provide an absolutely objective view. However, you can always leave your comments and notes to draw a better picture of a service’s work.