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The company didn’t care much about the website’s design. It’s so surreal. It’s so from the last century. OK, maybe not that bad, but please, with the price they ask they could have made something better (more about price you can check down below).

The order form is very small and very non-informative. You give the number of pages, choose a type of essay, set the deadline, and then proceed. And don’t forget to enter your email address. However, you can sign up/sign in too.

In general, the website is bad. The text is not coordinated with the background. They are totally apart, each on its own. Looks like the developers launched the site and never checked it. At least, they have contact information on top of the page, which is missing on websites of many other writing services.

Services Provided

Frankly speaking, I have never seen an essay writing service that deals only with essays. I know it sounds strange, but essay writing services usually can provide various academic papers. And here just essays. However, they do PowerPoint presentations, I guess, but they call it a PowerPoint essay. Funny, but whatever. If you want it to be an essay, let’s name it an essay. They also rewrite and edit papers—read essays—so I dare say this writing service is different from others.


I thought I wouldn’t find a writing service that could surprise me with its pricing policy. But I did. If you decide to order an essay from here, be ready to pay $20 per page. And it doesn’t matter what level of difficulty you need, high school or PhD. What is more, if you need an essay the same day when you place an order, you are going to pay at least half a price additionally. If you want to get your paper on three hours, your $20 will turn into $40.

Discount & Extras

What? Discount? I believe they do not know what the word means. And don’t even try searching for one throughout the website. There is no information about any discount. What a relief! I’m just going to pay $40 for an essay. I will remember this forever.

Deadline Management

There is not much to say. I set my deadline in a week. I was thinking about an emergency order to see how well they would perform, but I decided to save my money. Yes, they gave me my essay in a week. Although, I don’t get one thing. When they have the whole week to write a two-page essay, why do they always have to wait until the last day?

Paper Quality

Here I must say the essay was unbelievably great and it was worth that money. But I won’t because the essay was as good as the essays I got from many other writing services. The difference is that I had to pay much more here. If I need another essay, I would better try another writing service.


Everything is clear here. I would not recommend the service just because they overestimate themselves. They do not provide excellent essays. Those are just good essays. And I don’t understand why people have to pay so much for that.

Published Reviews

1 5 1
I contacted their customer support to make things clear on one issue. They promised to deal with it and get in touch with me as soon as possible. I waited for a couple of hours and called them myself. Nice work.

2 5 1
I never used before and I’m not gonna. Have you read their FAQ? I always check all available info on a website. If you wanna get in touch with your writer, you have to send a message to some email address. Like, what?

1 5 1
What is wrong with these people? I provided a list of sources that have to be used in my essay, and the writer didn’t use any. I asked for another writer and she didn’t use those either. What am I paying for?

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