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Homework Planning Tips

Performing any kind of work requires thorough preparation and planning. Dealing with homework it’s all the same. To do it well one must attach his or her priorities to the specific issues of the assignment. Plan your work appropriately, set questions to answer and goals to reach.

The following guidelines are to organize your studying process. It will relieve you from the necessity of seeking assistance and asking anyone to “do my homework for me”.

Plan homework

  • First of all get a notebook with a calendar specifically for homework plans. Make it convenient for you. Arrange it in your own way. Decorate it to enjoy how it looks and write down a statement or a phrase at the top of the first page to encourage you for further work, for example, “Who else but me will do my homework for me.” – Sounds tuny and fundamentally, isn’t it?
  • Look through all assignments you have and set priorities. It is very important for you to get used to doing any job in accordance with priority ranking. It will help you meet deadlines and rationalize your work.
  • Write down issues that need research and bring up precise questions you are going to answer as a result. It must look like conclusive Q&A section which usually follows the close of each lesson in a coursebook. Your goal is to learn materials the way to answer these questions. Positive answers will show you whether you have assimilated what you have read. Getting ahead so far remember to make notes and point numbers of pages in a book where mentioned questions are answered.

Comprehend assignments

Make sure you understand the assignment given to you. Try to realize which particular skills the assignment is designed to train. Calculate how long the task will take you and how difficult it may be.

If something looks unclear for you, ask your teacher for assistance. Thus, don’t put off your tasks until you come home. Look through them right after they have been given.

Do not hesitate to consult your teacher. By doing so you don’t ask him or her “Do my homework for me, please” but “Please, explain what I am supposed to do”.

Schedule task performance

Use a time table to schedule you homework according to time allocated to each part of your homework. More often than not you time is limited, so don’t waste it abstracting or getting hung up on the same old issues. At the same time you mustn’t be pressed for time.

Plan your work attentively and considering all details: time, degree of complexity, priority ranking as well as difficulties you may face while doing your homework.

Don’t forget to repeat your slogan “No one else but me will do my homework for me.”

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