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It’s a rather simple, easy-to-use website with nice design. However, background drawings are mixed with the text a bit, and it’s kind of distracting. But you can read everything there, I swear. I should have started with a notice that this is not a usual writing service most people are used to. It is a platform where writers bid for orders and customers choose one that they find most suitable for this job.

We can argue which is better, a typical freelance writing service or a bidding one, for a long time. But I’m gonna tell you about this one a little.

Services Provided

You should understand that if writers bid for an order, you can ask to write anything. Well, almost. The Services information page reads they can provide different web content, PowerPoint presentations, social media posts, apart from academic writing. They can also proofread and edit your text. I guess such wide range of services is a great advantage over a usual writing company. But it’s you to decide.

As for academic writing, they work with a lot of subjects. I assume they can do any assignment.


Here comes the most interesting. As writers bid for orders, you can choose any writer with any price. You just should find out more about all those who have bid on yours and see whether they are asking a fair price for their experience and skills. Anyway, you can always work with the cheapest, but there is no guarantee you will receive a quality paper. There should always be a balance between price and quality.

Discounts & Extras

It is another kind of writing service, so there is no discount. Or at least, I didn’t get it or don’t know how I could. But the service offers some extras—and they are not free, unfortunately. You can get your order ‘featured’ so it will stay on top for three days no matter how many new orders may appear afterward. It means your order will always be visible until someone starts working on it. One more thing is a one-page abstract. Quite expensive, I should say. But if you need it, you have no choice.

Deadline Management

What can I say? In general, everything is fine. I placed an order for a one page essay on Literature, but I needed it as soon as possible. I tried three day deadline. First of all, I decided on a writer rather quick. Then I received my paper in three days as I was expecting. The difference between usual writing services is that is not responsible for failing a deadline. It is only on a writer. So I believe you should check every writer that bids on your order carefully.

Paper Quality

I checked all my potential writers carefully and made a decision. Luckily, it was the right one. Remember I said I received my essay right on time? It’s because my writer has great time management and writing skills. The essay was really good. I didn’t have to ask for any changes. So I paid him right away.


I cannot guarantee your experience with the service will be same good as mine. Who knows what writer may happen to you. Nevertheless, the company assures every writer is thoroughly checked. So there can be any bad one. Let’s hope it is true, because we cannot test all of them. My verdict will be 4.5/5. I wanted to give five, but those extras are a little bit expensive and there is no discount. Not that I want to get things for free, but it’s all about money when it comes to students.

Published Reviews

4 5 1
Even that they have a nice FAQ section on their website, you may need more information. Their customer support member was very welcome, told me everything I was interested in. In fact, I had a lot of questions, and it was very kind of her to hear me out.

4 5 1
It is quite bad that the service managers do not work 24/7, but you still can place an order on the website. I placed mine late at night and to my surprise, I got a couple of bids. I wasn’t pressed for time, so I waited until next day to get more offers.

5 5 1
I came here a few days ago, placed my order and waited for potential writers. It didn’t take long. There were several bids, I checked them all and decided on one. He had a good rating. We agreed on a three day deadline. In three days I got my paper. Everything was ok but nothing special.

4 5 1
The idea that you choose who will take your order is pretty fine. However, there definitely are people who wouldn’t like the format. I mean, here you have to check the process yourself, while other writing services do all the job for you. And you just sit and wait.

5 5 1
I mostly use this service, and one thing I like about it the most is that you can always get in touch with your writer and discuss the order or the very writing process, make things clear. If there is any misunderstanding, you discuss it as well.

4 5 1
I am too secure about online payments so I change my payment methods from time to time. But here is another way of payment. You pay, but the money are kept on the balance until the order is done. Only then you can make payment. Or not if the paper is bad.

5 5 1
I like it much because it is affordable for students. You don’t have to overpay. Writers bid for your order, so you can see how much each of them wants. And you can check whether those writers are that good they claim. Anyway, you can always choose the cheapest.

4 5 1
May I say that it is one of the best writing services concerning price and writers? I mean you yourself choose who to write and how much to pay. That’s great. And your money are safe until the order is complete. Then a writer can get their money for the job.

5 5 1
I find such services much more convenient than usual writing services. I mean here you can choose who is going to write your paper. I know that other services hire only qualified writers, but here I can see myself how good that writer is and decide on them.

5 5 1
Professional writers. Recommended

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