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As a matter of fact, the design of the site is awful. The colors here scream and offend the eye, they are too bright and do not match. It is made in retro style – not the one I like, honestly. The lettering is inconvenient and my eyes were in pain after surfing through the pages. Because of that, the navigation is not convenient also. It is hard to find something here and also I’ve found an inconsistency – it is incomprehensible how long will be the free consultation with Stacey Brook, the founder of this service. It is mentioned at the homepage that the conversation will last 30 minutes and at the bottom of the page there is a form when 15-minutes consultation is stated. However, when you trudge through eye-harming colors and disparities you can find some interesting information concerning their services.

Services provided

This service is quite unusual, because they do not offer custom essay writing, instead of this they propose something like coaching with writing. They even engage parents in the process of writing and for me, it is one of the most difficult parts. My supplementary essay for Brown University was ready, however, my mother insisted that I needed a review of my paper made by professionals.


I have no idea how much this service asks for help. It is stated even in FAQ that every student has unique requests, so the price in each case is specified separately. And they give parents (not students!) free quotes and name price of the service. It is possible to call them or use a contact form to ask for the prices.

Discounts and free features

There are no discounts and free features here. Or, at least, I have no idea about it – and the site doesn’t provide information concerning discounts. The only free feature is a free initial consultation with Stacey Brook or a member of her crew.

Ordering process

The ordering process here is bloody difficult. There is no order form on the site and you can’t just upload file and wait till they edit it. First, you have to order initial free consultation – it takes at least 24 hours for them to respond, appoint a time and only after that you say what you need.

Communication with writer

I needed just editing, however, they also persuaded us that I need a consultation with a coach via Skype (also paid feature). I do not think that it was that necessary, however, my mom was happy having me buried under a pile of books.


I had no fixed deadline for the task, thus I can say nothing of it. In general, the whole process took about a week or so.

The work I got

On the one hand, I got one of the most detailed reviews in my life. On the other, the organization of work is dreadful, too many unnecessary details. There is no need to complicate everything that much and some services are needed just for additional payment. I would like to sum up my essay service review by evaluating this site with 3,5 stars.

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