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Large… No. Giant… No. Vast! Yes, vast is, perhaps, the right word to describe WowEssays Premium – a paid directory of academic paper samples. Indeed, how else would you call an essay database that contains over 1 MILLION entries?! Let’s review this monster to find out what’s so remarkable about it besides its size and try to figure out whether it has the potential to become an alternative to typical writing services.

wowessays premium

What’s So Remarkable About Wow Essays? How About a Million Premium Essays?

Databases of essay samples are a dime a dozen nowadays. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a free directory of already written essays and other academic papers. Yeah, we know, the quality of those pieces leaves much to be desired.

In turn, paid sample databases are a much rarer breed. And the quality of papers presented there is typically really good. One of the latest additions to this category of web resources is WowEssays Premium. The appearance of yet another sample database wouldn’t draw much attention if it wasn’t for its mind-boggling size. The service claims to contain more than 1 million (!) sample papers of all types, shapes, and sizes (the largest directory we’ve seen to the moment was 400K+ entries). Such a number may seem unreal unless you consider one thing. As a matter of fact, WowEssays Premium is a sister project of the similarly-named writing assistance company that has a decade-long history of operations in the market. Knowing that one can easily assume how compiling such a vast collection became possible.

The Core: The Largest Sample Essay Finder with Unlimited Sample Downloads

Let’s abstract ourselves from the enormous database size and take a look at its basic features. You can browse the online directory without registration. Entries are conveniently categorized by subject, type of paper, and topic. Also, you can use the built-in search engine to find essays that contain the entered keyword(s). However, you will only be able to see brief previews of samples.

To get access to full texts, you will need to sign up and subscribe. Also, you will be able to download any piece in the .doc or .docx format. And that’s where we come to the money issue.

The Cost: WowEssays Premium Prices

WowEssays Premium offers four subscription plans:

  • 1-week access costs $9.99;
  • 1-month access goes for $36.99;
  • 3 months plan is $59.99;
  • 6 months plan is $89.99.

With each plan, you get access to the full collection of premium quality essays, unlimited downloads, and round-the-clock support via an on-site chat. Mind that all subscriptions except for the weekly plan are re-billed automatically at the end of the subscription period. At the time of writing, no discounts or special offers were available whatsoever.

The Highlight: Premium Essay Database and the Legitimacy Issue

While the WowEssays Premium’s remarkable size differs it from the rest of suchlike services, the general concept of sample databases contrasts them to typical academic writing mills. The latter offer “the best college essays custom-crafted according to your individual requirements” and target primarily lazy students who are ready to pay random people to write papers instead of them. If you submit such a paper as your own, that would be pure cheating, and it violates academic integrity, don’t you even doubt it. Moreover, in many countries and US states, it might be considered illegal. Of course, those websites have disclaimers, telling that their written material can be used for research and reference purposes only – but user reviews make it crystal clear how the received papers are actually used.

In contrast to the above-described issue, WowEssays Premium and other online sample databases don’t have any drawbacks or pitfalls in terms of legality and legitimacy. They clearly state – and their customers perfectly understand – that the showcased papers aren’t unique. If you care about your reputation for a bit, you shouldn’t submit any sample as your own piece of work – even a low-tech plagiarism checker will red-flag it instantly. Yet, samples are extremely useful in many other regards, for example, for looking up interesting topic ideas, content presentation techniques, sources, drawing inspiration, etc. In this vein, if a database has a good selection of high-quality example papers, paying for access to them might be well worth it.

The Extra: Benefit from Various Services, Not Only Buy Pre-Written Essays

Now that we’ve figured out how to read a full premium essay and how sample databases can be useful, let’s see which additional services WowEssays Premium offers to college students:

  • A modest selection of free essay examples. As these samples are not downloadable, this is probably a bait to show what users can expect from the main service.
  • An impressive collection of free writing assistance tools, including topics and citation generators; readability, grammar, and plagiarism checker, etc.
  • A free-access blogthat contains helpful writing guides for the most various types of papers, as well as useful tips.

As you can see, the WowEssays Premium website is a place where not only can you search for relevant samples but also accommodate different writing needs.

The Verdict: Wow Essays Premium Rating

Overall, WowEssays Premium looks like a safe and reliable service launched by the long-established company. Having analyzed its concept and features, we can conclude that even the largest existing sample essays database can hardly become a viable alternative to traditional custom writing services- at least for users who expect the result right here right now. However, students who are committed to academic integrity and appreciate the services’ legality will definitely find WowEssays Premium worth close attention. For that, and also for user-friendly design and easy navigation, this website definitely deserves five stars.

Published Reviews

5 5 1
I'm a fan of the free essay example database from this service. But I wanted more examples to expand my horizons and inspiration. So when I saw about the launch of the premium database with access to 1 million papers, I immediately signed up. And for six months now, I've been a regular user of this feature.

4 5 1
Thanks to this service, I get ideas that I can use to write essays. One recent example is an essay on purchasing behavior. I didn't know how to start for a long time, but your example on a similar topic made me understand how I can elaborate on this topic. I recommend this service for inspiration!

5 5 1
When I needed to write an essay or other type of work, I spent a long time looking for inspiration on the expanses of the Internet to find work on a similar topic and figure out how to write my work myself. After subscribing to this platform, I no longer use other sites to search for papers. I just chose the subject I needed and found a similar topic. I recommend all students subscribe to this platform!

4 5 1
For days I didn't know what to write in my political science essay on Civic Culture and the Stability of Democracy. My friend advised me of this platform. She has been using it for several months. I subscribed for 7 days and got access to a limitless world of sample papers. I used this service to write essays on other subjects as well. After that, I decided to make a six-month subscription. I recommend this service!

4 5 1
Great service! I regularly borrow topics and content ideas from their samples. And yes, I'd better pay to search high-quality examples and use them as writing models than tell my parents I got kicked out of college for cheating.

5 5 1
I tried several essay mills but never got a satisfactory result… Apparently, I figured that looking through samples and then compiling my own piece works better for me. For that, Wow Essays Premium gives me everything I need.

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